Beyond Red | Deep Strategic
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Deep Strategic

Sister agency Redmandarin provides industry-leading strategic services.  So we rely on them to give us and our clients data and insight-driven answers.

What we love about Redmandarin is:

  • it’s solution-driven : Redmandarin sells solutions, not ‘opportunities’
  • it’s content and channel neutral: they work with social causes as comfortably as with sport
  • the depth of understanding they develop about their clients’ businesses
  • they look after their clients’ budgets like their own
  • their almost obsessive focus on business impact

We rely on Redmandarin to give clients data-driven, robust answers to the big eternal questions of sponsorship:

  • should we be looking at sponsorship?
  • are we really getting value from our investment?
  • is this honestly right for us?
  • how do we build the business case?
  • how do we make this work harder for us?
  • how do we find something distinctive and memorable?

They use deeper fan and audience insight and data to understand what works, why it works and what it achieved  – measurement, results, impact and ROI.