Beyond Red | Specialisms
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We’re keen to call out some areas where we think we have a particular edge. A cutting edge.

Social Sponsorship

Today’s socio-economic environment has engendered increased interest and investment in social sponsorship.

As such, the worlds of marketing and CR are converging. Indeed, as Microsoft’s Director of Communications told us, Citizenship is becoming a key driver of brand. Yet too many organisations still have a silo’d and inefficient approach to CR, with CR viewed as a standalone activity, removed from core business objectives.

The sponsorship industry’s response to this trend has in general been to ‘bolt on’ CR programmes to amplify and mitigate traditional sponsorship.

Our approach is more profound.

Firstly, we use sustainability principles to help our clients bring CR closer to brand marketing and organisational goals. And then we apply a sponsorship approach to develop programmes and campaigns which not only meet social policy criteria, but deliver the benefits usually associated with sponsorship – building brand equity and relationships with key audiences, internal and external.

Organisational Development and Employee Engagement

Beyond Red has a dedicated team focused on leveraging the power of sponsorship against organizational development outcomes.

While most sponsors remain focused on B2C and B2B value, our clients are increasingly engaging with sponsorship’s potential to engage, motivate and incentivise employees.  Correctly structured, sponsorship provides a platform for systemic interventions capable of aligning culture and behaviours.

On a more targeted basis, our team supports Leadership and Development professionals to design innovative and immersive programmes which emerge from the raw content of the sponsorship – from the performance lessons of elite sport to the innovation learnings of the social enterprise.

Recruitment, retention.

Olympic Marketing / Tokyo 2020

The Olympic Games offer the biggest marketing platform in the world.

Appropriately, it’s a space where Beyond Red has unrivalled capabilities and expertise.

Beyond Red – working with GPJ’s international network and event experience, offer a specialist Olympic marketing team, operating globally, with direct experience of more than 15 Olympic clients over the last eight years (inc. Samsung, Panasonic, Lloyds Bank, British Airlines, Cisco, Sainsbury, Deloitte, BT, Cadbury and Rio Tinto)

For IOC, OCOG, NOC, Federation and athlete sponsors, our team offers an invaluable campaign planning, management and implementation service; that knows how to leverage the amazing power of the Olympic Rings as well as navigate the regulatory minefield.

Our team has hands-on experience helping businesses maximize the transformational potential of an Olympic partnership across all audiences – consumers, colleagues, shareholders and influencers.  Planning four-year campaigns, messaging, signature programs and the integration of The Games across multiple channels and business units.

GPJ have offices in Brazil, Korea and Japan.  And, experience implementing all of the major Olympic experiential programmes – the Olympic Torch Relay, Olympic park showcasing and hospitality facilities, like the award-winning Cisco House for London 2012.