Beyond Red | T-Mobile: Street Gigs
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T-Mobile: Street Gigs

Kaiser Chiefs T-Mobile Street Gig by Philipp Roth T-Mobile Street Gigs Athlete

T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom


Street Gigs / Electronic Beats

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About This Project

Old skool it may appear, with the demise of the UK brand, but our work for T-Mobile lives on.
Faced with a need to drive the brand younger, parent company Deutsche Telekom turned to our sister agency Redmandarin.

Redmandarin ran an ideation process which went to trial in summer 2003 with music, film and party. Or, to be precise, three pilots: drive in film, pop up gigs and a party of wheels. Enough said. Piloting done, music emerged a clear winner.

Our job was then to translate this into a workable concept, a project we managed from start to end: artist selection, talent, label and event management, co-sponsorship and AFP, with the support of a range of agencies including, most notably, brand experience agency Flourish. The result was branded Street Gigs and delivered innovative pop up gigs in glamorous locations ranging from a fish and chip shop to Berkeley Square. Residents loved it.

Audiences and fans went in with little or negative preconceptions of the brand: they left with scores in the high 70s against targeted emotional attributes; buzz was off the record. The brand had landed.

42 gigs later and millions of views later, Street Gigs was put to bed, along with the UK brand. But in mainland Europe, the concept plays on, as Electronic Beats – now a magazine, concerts, a website and DVD imprint. Rock on.

If you’re ever looking for smart advisors to cut through the received wisdom of the industry, I’d look no further – Phil Chapman, T-Mobile European CMO