Beyond Red | Lloyds Bank: 250th Anniversary
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Lloyds Bank: 250th Anniversary


Lloyds Bank


Helping Britain Prosper

Book, community, Employee Engagement, Film, Lloyds Bank
About This Project

As longstanding Redmandarin client Lloyds Bank were approaching their 250th anniversary, we understood the importance their own history would assume over the year. Knowing that a ‘book’ was on the cards, we proactively scoped the content and identified the ideal author – social historian, BBC TV presenter, and best-seller – Ruth Goodman. The idea: tell Lloyds’ story within the social history of Britain.

In a brave demonstration of faith, our clients at Lloyds fended off any dilution and the concept was green-lit. Our role evolved into general editor, production consultant, image researcher and contributor. Working closely with Ruth, her appointed editor Humphrey, and the superlative design team at Rufus Leonard, we managed the completion of 265 pages of a broad-sweeping brand epic, from industrial revolution to digital revolution.

Critically, the book offers a historic proof-point of the Bank’s purpose: Helping Britain Prosper, tracking its contribution to Britain across successive waves of industrialisation and beyond. As anticipated, the content became central to 250th planning, repurposed in literature and online, omnipresent at conferences, milestone events and in-Branch.

The key accolade came from a new recruit: ‘Reading it made me feel really proud’.

Take a look at the low res version: or go into most Branches – from June 2015;