Beyond Red | Lloyds: London 2012
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Lloyds: London 2012


Lloyds Bank


Local Heroes

Lloyds Bank, London 2012, Olympics
About This Project

As a partner of London 2012, Lloyds TSB needed a flagship activation for the years preceding the Torch Relay. So we created Local Heroes.

It wasn’t quite that simple though. Local Heroes emerged from the parameters we created, which were unique to any Games partner, namely:

  • the activation needed to offer assets evenly distributed across every Branch in the UK, nearly 2000 at the time
  • it needed to offer content across all of the UK’s small regional newspapers, around 200
  • it needed to align with Lloyds’ vision of ‘taking the Games to the people’

So while everyone else was rushing for the stars, we gave Lloyds absolute ownership of young potential – working with recognised charity SportsAid to support 250 Local Heroes every year in the Games build up.

Making Lloyds Bank the Local Hero. Five years of positive local media coverage, that is, a narrative of supporting Britain’s dreams, and a catalyst for Lloyds’ first regionalised advertising, in print and on radio.

Consumers aware of Local Heroes were significantly more likely to consider. Local Heroes, of course, was out of the blocks as early as 2008 and allowed Lloyds to sow early awareness and support for its partnership. As the industry knows, Lloyds’ activation of London 2012 was rated the best.