Beyond Red | Drone Activation: Attack of the Drones
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Drone Activation: Attack of the Drones

Drone Activation: Attack of the Drones

As drones regularly feature in yet another tranche of articles trying to predict the future and how we will be living in 2030, we have to question whether Amazon and their ilk have proven that drones have a future purpose in logistics or whether they are just a technology looking for a purpose.

Or you could just fly men’s suits around office buildings to promote an annual sale?

One drone activation back from 2014 caught our eye recently as it resurfaced on twitter telling the story of how Black Friday was promoted in Colombo through a powerful drone display flying suited bodies at eye height with skyscrapered office workers.

Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian shirt store and the largest menswear clothing store chain in Brazil, took to the skies with a challenge of how to engage busy office workers when you can’t get in front of them during their busy days.

They used the drones to pick up lightweight dummy men’s suits as the payload on a series of drones, along with notices on other drones promoting the sale and the menswear company.

This drone activation then involved precision flying at height to showcase theĀ  menswear to their prime audience within each of the offices in the towerblock.

We are now accustomed to seeing drones as part of sponsorship activation filming – creating long sweeping shots of on the ground sponsors and their event activation – to produce short clips ready for social media and a 5 minute showreel ready for the boardroom and quarterly marketing reports.

But what if we could be more creative with drone activations in sponsorship? What if we could look beyond singular stunts and start to include them as versatile tools in providing a closer to the action experience for consumers?

Or maybe we should look in the other direction and stop looking for immediate returns, and instead invest in the broadcast side further – allowing drone photography the time and space to show us great wonders on the other side of the world such as this powerful almost silent documentary ‘A Slow Odyssey‘ from William and the team at Wild Wall?

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