Beyond Red | Halo Top – Campaigns that appeal to Adults
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Halo Top – Campaigns that appeal to Adults

Halo Top – Campaigns that appeal to Adults

When launching a new brand into a cluttered market, it can be easy to follow along with the others who have paved the way before you. Or to take an opposite position; to be the best, the most premium, the best value, the biggest, the fastest, or just the most available.

But what if you manage that sweet spot of being good value, lower calories, good branding, and a genius campaigning position? Welcome Halo Top and their ice cream for adults.

The campaign position is based around the fact that children eat ice cream at fun and happy occasions such as parties, hot summer’s days, and on holiday. On the other hand, Adults eat ice cream when they are unhappy, sad, and as an emotional crutch.

Halo Top is telling us that being an adult is harder than being a child – being an adult means having to deal with grown-up things such as mortgages, debt, relationship breakdown, and all the perils of being an adult that you never think about when you are that child looking forward to being 18.

Because of all these struggles, adults need ice cream to help them deal with the world emotionally – and that’s ok. The campaign is smart because it’s managing to highlight the low-calorie content and to permit us to eat lots of ice cream to help us through the tough days. It’s permitting us to eat lots of ice cream because it’s low calorie, and the alternative positioning of juxtaposing depressing realities against the fun of an ice cream van ensures memorability.

The campaign, ‘Ice Cream for Adults’, was created in partnership with agency 72andSunny New York and has been designed to run across multiple platforms including broadcast, digital and social channels from the start of March 2019 and to continue through the summer months. The adverts were directed by Tim Godsall and produced by Anonymous Content.

Because life is hard and adults need a lot of ice cream.