Beyond Red | Dallas Mavericks – Golden Dirk Bobblehunt
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Dallas Mavericks – Golden Dirk Bobblehunt

Dirk Nowitzki by Keith Allison

Dallas Mavericks – Golden Dirk Bobblehunt

How can you maintain your fans interest in your team or club during the offseason to ensure you still have their attention come to the first match? How can you use experiential activities to drive a campaign that supports you to collect data on thousands of fans ahead of the season when you can then use that data to promote inseason activity, tickets, matches, and more?

During the approach to the NBA Season 2018-19, the Dallas Mavericks engaged over 10,000 fans with a scavenger hunt that extended over multiple weeks.

The Mavericks worked with Tradable Bits to create ten unique campaigns that launched over ten consecutive weeks through the summer and early autumn. Each week, fans entered the competition to win 1 of 10 Dirk Nowitzki Golden Bobbleheads. The campaigns were then set to unlock at weekly intervals, with a new prize unveiled each Monday.

The combination of the competition bundle, the individual weekly campaigns, plus the signup form that came pre-campaign, garnered 36,855 views and over 10,000 entries, out of which 57.5% opted-in for further email communications.

With a buy-in to receive marketing like that, it can transform the fortunes of any rightsholder for the rest of the season due to the access to an audience that is predisposed to like you and have disposable income.

By using a variety of different templates throughout the campaign, the Mavericks kept fans engaged, grew their list of sales leads, and collected a variety of different data points. Apart from the standard form questions, fans chose to share the following with the Dallas Mavericks:

  • Social media usernames
  • Postcodes
  • User-generated content
  • Their favourite player
  • Which matches the fans were looking forward to the most

We love this use of a simple, low-cost activation to deliver against an objective such as data collection. If you are clear in the primary and secondary objectives of your sponsorship campaigns, then we can deliver on the activation – and we can deliver on multiple levels.