Beyond Red | After the Hurricanes – Maintaining fan engagement post-match
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After the Hurricanes – Maintaining fan engagement post-match

After the Hurricanes – Maintaining fan engagement post-match

At the end of a match, a lot of professional sports teams give a wave to the crowd, a round of applause if you’re lucky, and then disappear off to the dressing rooms for a hot shower and a post-match carb feast. But how can you keep your fans from leaving 5 minutes before the final whistle?

The Hurricanes have managed just that. Instead of fans shooting off before the end, the Hurricanes have managed to build a tradition of performing some form of entertainment after that final whistle whereby they can celebrate the match with their fans and give them a reason to hang on.

If rightsholders work in a positive collaborative way with their professional athletes, the team can give that little extra back to the fans that leave them with what feels like a personal (group) interaction that can keep the fans buzzing and vocal advocates into the following week.

As much as sport is sport, sport is also entertainment – especially Ice Hockey, and the Hurricanes have acknowledged and embraced that and given some additional entertainment value back to the fans (and also to the sponsors and advertisers).