Beyond Red | #BeLikeSerena?
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From the brand that brought us Be Like Mike, comes this gem about Serena Williams.

To us, Serena is the greatest female tennis player of all time. Better even than our own Jules Hewitt, which is really saying something. Really.

But what of her future? In a few years’ time, she’ll have retired, unless she decides to play on and on like Martina Navratilova. And then what? Though people have been talking over the past few weeks about why Serena has been (relatively) neglected by sponsors, we can’t help but think that her post-retirement career is going to be fascinating.

Fashion designer, campaigner, coach, or even doctor? Her options are endless. Few female athletes have ever enjoyed the same level of success, or possessed the same strength of character as her. If Gatorade can continue to build their brand around Michael Jordan, 12 years on from the end of his playing career, surely a brand (even Gatorade) can make the most of Serena’s retirement too?

An opportunity beckons.