Beyond Red | A Virtual Reality for brands
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A Virtual Reality for brands

Cardboard Sam

A Virtual Reality for brands

In the past few weeks, we’ve been having a great time at Beyond Red HQ with Google Cardboard, our virtual reality headset. By popping our smartphones into these cardboard goggles, we can switch from sitting in a meeting to exploring a space station in seconds. A welcome change!

Google Cardboard was the first to hit the online shelves at a reasonable price, but we’re also looking forward to the arrival of Microsoft’s HoloLens later this year.

The Microsoft HoloLens will allow consumers to project high-definition holograms onto the physical environment; a new way to see our world. The pics we’ve seen of it so far look incredible.

Virtual Reality used to be the stuff of sci-fi TV. Now it’s here. Volvo, Coca-Cola, Marriott, they’re all having a go at it. In an era where branded content is everywhere, we think that those using VR to tell their stories really stand out.

At Brazil 2014, visitors to Casa Coca-Cola could enter a World Cup changing room through their VR headsets. As you can see, the graphics leave a little to be desired (Ed: It reminds me of Microsoft Football on Windows 98), but the idea is pretty innovative.

Marketers often talk about ‘immersive experiences’ to describe their work – well, this is the real deal. With Google Cardboard on, you forget where you are and completely involve yourself in this fabricated space. The sights and sounds of the VR app draw you in, spellbound. The potential for brand storytellers is enormous.

The brand is no longer the interrupter of experiences and entertainment, but the creator. Content marketing as it should be.