Beyond Red | Converse and the 100 Club
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Converse and the 100 Club

Zigaboo Modeliste and his Big Chiefs at the 100 Club, London

Converse and the 100 Club

The 100 Club, London’s iconic Oxford Street music venue has been saved from the threat of closure through a tie-up with lifestyle apparel brand Converse. The future lineup was looking shaky due to rent increases, and despite a flurry of stars coming out in support of the club, things were looking bleak.

The sponsorship deal with Converse is being lined up to introduce the club to a new generation, yet retain its independence. The club will not change its name, and it’s not an ownership or shareholding deal.

Converse and the 100 Club both share a love for music and this partnership is a great opportunity to reunite the 100 Club with a generation who experienced history inside its walls, as well as introduce it to a new generation with a vow to bring the best in music to its legendary stage.

It will be interesting now to see how the partnership manifests itself, and whether Converse can help build a story that avoids nostalgia, and maintains their crucial air of authenticity.

image credit: Zigaboo Modeliste and his Big Chiefs at the 100 Club, London by Shell Daruwala